My Equal Pay

Australian Services Union members won Equal Pay back in 2012, and this year we successfully Saved Equal Pay and secured additional funding in the Federal Budget.

Because ASU members won Equal Pay, social, community and disability workers are now $200 to $650 better off each week!

Your pay is going up again on 1st December 2020. Enter your details below and we will calculate your new pay rate based on the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Modern Award* and send you your own copy.

*The Modern Award is a document which sets out the minimum terms and conditions of employment on top of the National Employment Standards (NES)

What does Equal Pay mean for you?

Twice every year since 2012 the rates of pay of social, community services and disability workers have increased – you’re now $200 to $650 better off each week! Here’s how Equal Pay has made a difference to some ASU members’ weekly pay:

*These case studies are based on NSW Social and Community Service workers. The rates described may differ slightly if you are employed in a different state.

The Australian Services Union is the union for social & community services workers. ASU members work together to deliver better pay, conditions and services that help you get ahead. We are always there at times when members need our help at work, and by your side throughout all stages of your working life.

As a member of the ASU you are not only supported at work, you also get:

Free professional development to help you get ahead at work and learn some new skills!
Discounts at places like Coles, The Good Guys and JB Hi-Fi.
Tax deductible membership fees.

That’s just a few ways being in the ASU benefits you!

ASU Equal Pay Case

In 2012 Australian Services Union members won 23% to 45% pay rises. The Fair Work Commission ordered that Equal Pay increases on our Award wages be phased in over eight years – with the final instalment in December 2020.

These increases were won because of a long campaign by ASU members.

The Fair Work Commission agreed with us that:

  1. The vast majority of workers in our industry are women, and
  2. The nature of the work (“care work”) has traditionally been undervalued as it has been viewed as “women’s work”
  3. Therefore, our sector wages needed to be lifted to recognise this. We argued that our wages should be on par with public sector jobs that are similar to ours.

Not only did we win the argument in the Fair Work Commission, we also won billions of dollars in state and federal government funding to cover the cost of these wage increases.

It was a history victory for all workers in our sector – thanks to union members.


For Social & Community Services workers, contact your Australian Services Union State or Territory Branch:

QLD The Services Union Queensland Branch (07) 3844 5300
NSW & ACT ASU NSW & ACT Services Branch (02) 9310 4000
SA & NT ASU SA & NT Branch (08) 8363 1322
VIC & TAS ASU Victorian & Tasmanian Authorities and Services Branch 1300 855 570
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